Thursday, September 15, 2011


Well, I suppose it had to happen eventually - I got sick.  Nothing too serious - a bit of a fever, cough, the usual cold/flu/whatever symptoms.  I tried to go to class today, but I just wasn't feeling well enough.

I got to school and Tanaka-san brought me to the local clinic.  The doctor looked me over, asked me a few questions (some through Tanaka-san, some I could answer myself!) and gave me a prescription.  Afterwards, we went to the drug store.  I handed the pharmacist my prescription, and was very surprised when she returned with 5 (FIVE) different kinds of medication.

No, the strawberry jam isn't medication...

I guess, in Japan, they don't do one-size-fits-all medication.  Tanaka-san told me that each drug is targeted for each specific symptom/ailment.  I'll let you guys know if it works out.

Also, this:
Yes, they give you FULL COLOUR printed instructions - crazy
Oh, and they misspelt my name

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  1. Ack! Hope you feel well soon Matt! Also, does this mean we can start calling you "Deck" now?


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