Friday, October 7, 2011

Host Family!

Hey everyone, 

I know I've been lazy with the posting - don't expect that to change.  But I figured I should mention something about the fact that I've now moved in with a host family!  I now live much, much farther from school, but I also now have a Japanese family!

The 柴田 family (しばた, Shibata) lives in 東久留米 (ひがしくるめ, Higashikurume), about one hour away from school.  The father, Yutaka, works for NHK (the Japanese public broadcasting corporation) making TV sets for Japanese dramas.  The mother, Ikuyo, does some part-time work but mainly stays at home.  They also have a six year-old daugher, Chiyona, who calls me お兄ちゃん (おにいちゃん, oniichan), which means big brother.  It's ridiculously adorable.

I seem to have the biggest room in the house, which makes me somewhat uneasy, but that's very much in the Japanese-style: guest rooms are typically the best in the house.  It seems, though, that the rest of the family is cramming into the den/other bedroom, which makes me feel even more uneasy, but I can't really do anything about it...

So tomorrow, I am going to Chiyo's school with the family because she has a 体育祭 (たいいくさい,taiikusai), or athletic festival.  I will try to snap some pictures of the family to post here.  Also, time permitting, expect some posts of my visit to China!  There are lots of things I should talk about, hopefully I will get to them all...

For now, here are some pictures of my room: 

My bed - not too sure I understand what's up with the covers, but...

My desk

One of the corners of my room - pants hanging to dry

Other corner of my room - shirts and stuff

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