Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Day in Sunshine City

Here are some pictures from a day at Sunshine City!

So, Sunshine City (サンシャイン シティ) is this rather large mall district in Ikebukuro.  It's centred along one street, on either side of which tall buildings are filled with everything from used book stores (Book-Off is what they call them here), arcades, traditional Japanese restaurants, and a Denny's.

Yeah, Denny's.  I forgot to take a picture from the outside, sorry.  Still, Denny's!  In Japan!  They even served Pink Lemonade.  However, their take on the hamburger is kinda different: no buns, just rice.  Here's another example.

Yeah, and those are their french fries.  Still no buns, though.

I found this at the Book-Off - check out the name of the pink CD.  Hey, at least they know it's a mistake they make.

I think my motto during my stay is going to be "They do things differently in Japan."  This is just one example - found this at the local supermarket (スーパ).

Finally, I saw this guy on my way home.  Thought he was worth a picture or two.

More coming soon!

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