Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chasing the Sun

Somewhere over America (I suspect), I got bored and decided to write something that some equally bored people might read.

I really do have no idea where we are, because the in-flight "Entertainment System" seems to be failing.  And it seems that, since the pilot isn't a computer sciencetist, his only recourse is to continually reboot the system, with no useful results, as one might expect.  In any case, they're running Linux.  I blame Javeed entirely for this failure.
Thankfully I have my reliable Thinkpad.

The view from up here is really impressive.  I really wish I knew what we were flying over...

Oh, and the title of this post?  It occured to me that flying west is essentially chasing after the Sun.  That might be deep in some cheesy sort of way, which I tend to be good at.

EDIT: The "Entertainment System" is back on - thx jvd.  Seems we were flying over the Great Lakes, so maybe that was the 1000 Islands area.  Looked really pretty.  Also, D.C., wanna try some left-foot braking?


  1. Cool Shop Bro, were there "Born in the USA ... " playing?

  2. You realize what Linux distro that penguin is used as a logo for yes?


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