Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Truly International Experience

Hey everyone,

Not a picture entry today - just wanted to share a quick thought about a few things that happened to me today.  We were in class studying some kanji when some confusion arose about the meaning of this word: 立候補する (りっこうほする、rikkouho suru), which translates roughly to "announcing one's candidacy" or "proposing one's self as a candidate" in the context of an election or something.  The teacher was looking for a student to explain the meaning of this in Japanese, and called on a Chinese student.

This poor student proceeded to explain 立候補する as being asked by some authority to fulfill a position in government or something.  When corrected by the teacher, the student claimed that this was what her dictionary told her was the proper definition.  The class suddenly realized that, because of the way Chinese government functions, this particular student got the wrong idea about the meaning of this word.

During this discussion, I kept hearing a clicking sound coming from my left.  I looked out the open window to see if it was coming from outside, but it was in fact coming from one of the Chinese students who was trimming his nails in class.

Today was truly full of international experiences.


  1. Wow, that's crazy! They're even censoring other peoples' dictionaries? That's nonsense :(

    1. Tom, I don't know if it that the dictionaries were censured, or if her understand was skewed because of where she'd grown up. One of my Chinese friends, who was sitting next to me, told me that he understood the proper meaning as soon as he read the definition, so...


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