Saturday, June 23, 2012

End of Semester!

Hey Everyone!

So I've been really busy of late, and haven't updated in ages.  Here are just a few of the things that have happened of late.

The semester ended on Thursday.  The final was mostly very easy, except maybe for the kanji section.  I blanked on a few too many words...

After the final, the school's principal announced some very sad news: one of the Chinese students at our school passed away earlier this week.  I didn't know him, and the circumstances are not very clear to me either.  All I know is that a lot of my Chinese friends were very shaken up over the news.  That's one thing they don't teach you in language class: how to show sympathy to those who have lost a loved one.

On a happier note, I now have not one but two part-time jobs.  Number one, taking over an English-language teaching position that my friend Marlowe left for me when he went back to Canada.  I teach two groups of kids for an hour a week.  It's a pretty cool job, if somewhat trying at times...  Number two, which I was only offered this week, is working at a school called Bilingual FM.  I have yet to start my training, so once I have worked a few more hours, I'll update again.

As for future updates...  I take the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) on July 1st.  I am aiming to pass the N2 level, which is probably comparable to the amount of Japanese a middle-school graduate would understand.  I hope to be busy studying that, so don't expect updates until after that.

That being said, if anyone wants to drop me an email or something, I'll gladly respond!

I'll be back soon!

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