Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break Catching Up - Snow in Tokyo!

Welp, it's Spring (Winter?) break.  Final exam was just about a week ago.  About time I put some posts up.  I'm going to catch up on the backlog of posts that I *should* have written over the past three months.  Let's go!

Probably my happiest event ever over the past three semesters was looking outside my window at the dorm and finding snow on the ground.

My phone sucks at night pictures...

Not much by Canadian standards, but...

I managed to convince some friends to come prancing in the snow with me.  Definitely a great night!

I can only imagine the chaos on the roads...
The local temple was also covered in snow XD
Then we went back to the dorm, and this happened:

Yes, those are forks for arms.

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